our unique process

Welcome to the world’s first and only tea distillery.

Our distilling process begins with artful Townshend’s Tea blends that result in Brew Dr. Kombucha and our own botanical spirits line. Keep reading to discover what makes our process so unique in the world of craft spirits.


step 1: brewing

All of our spirits begin as large kettles of tea. We steep organic Townshend’s tea leaves, herbs, and spices in boiling water until their flavors are fully extracted. Then we add organic cane juice to the mixture.


step 2: fermentation

Next, we send the sweetened tea to our fermentation room where we add bacteria and yeast. Over the next few weeks, fermentation takes place and the mixture turns into kombucha.


step 3: distillation

Once fermentation is complete, we use a custom vacuum still to separate the alcohol from the kombucha. Alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature in a vacuum. This means we can capture the alcohol and desired delicate aromas while keeping the kombucha alive and raw. 


step 3: INFUSION

Now we send our tea distillate to a blending tank, where we add as many as 30 more botanicals to the mixture by steeping them in large mesh sacks. The alcohol extracts flavors, colors, and aromas from these ingredients. This step takes between 3 and 18 days, depending on the product



When our clear botanical spirits – like gin – complete the infusion stage, we re-distill and bottle them. For liqueurs, we send the spirit through a mesh filter to remove some sediment. Then we add a cane sugar syrup to sweeten the spirit and adjust it to the proper alcohol percentage. After a final tasting – and team approval – the spirit is ready to bottle!


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