Idle Hands Collection


We’re full of great product ideas, but they’re not all suited for regular production. Sometimes botanical harvests are too lean, sometimes the recipe concept is a little too nerdy, and sometimes we wanna just carpe diem
and not worry about what’s next.

Enter: The Idle Hands Collection.
We make these spirits in tiny batches and hock them in our tasting room.
Hurry on in, cause when they’re out, they’re out!



issue No. 1: aMERICAN génépy

Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
current status: sold out!

Génépy, meaning wormwood in French and Italian, is a liqueur traditionally  produced in the southern Alps. While the Pacific Northwest lacks its own tradition of génépy production, its climate endows us with many closely-related aromatic plants which are well suited for a novel American expression of the génépy style. Our American Génépy is based on a local wormwood variety and further perfumed with poplar buds, mint, a hint of foreign spices and a secret blend of local herbs and flowers. After allowing it to rest for a year, we sweetened the spirit and added a touch of saffron for a golden hue. 

Our own research suggests it works quite nicely with a bit of soda before a meal, neat as a nightcap, or in a number of classic cocktails including the Bijou and Last Word.